The Apprentice final in jeopardy after Felipe obtains injunction against Lord Sugar

Felipe 2There were chaotic scenes on The Apprentice set earlier today after Felipe Alviar-Baquero, the candidate discarded by Lord Sugar after the acrimonious skeletongate row arrived at the Boardroom brandishing an injunction obtained against his firing in Week 9.

Felipe, who was dismissed by Sugar as a “just another bluddy lawyer”, burst in as the tetchy tycoon was filming the scene in which he tells the nation whether he wants to get into women’s underwear or PPI phone sales.

Showing a ruthless side to his nice guy image, Alvia-Baquero announced that he had obtained an injunction from High Court judge who ruled that the stubbly Lord’s claim that he was “judge, jury and executioner” was clearly unconstitutional.

As a legal stand-off loomed, Sugar’s right hand man Nick Hewer announced his support for Felipe and was immediately fired for treachery. The BBC later put out a press release stating that Hewer, 82, had resigned as he could no longer stand the pace.

Meanwhile, everything has been put on hold whilst Sugar considers his next move. In nearby studio where a packed audience has been waiting eight hours to film The Apprentice – You’re Hired, make-up artists have already had to polish Dara O Briain’s head three times.

It is believed that the only way out is for Lord Sugar to swallow his pride and revoke his sacking of the popular Colombian. The problem for the BBC is that there is no time to re-film the Final, so it is very possible that Alviar-Baquero will be proclaimed winner.

In a brief interview, the lawyer dismissed claims that it would be difficult working with Lord Sugar if wins the £250,000 prize by virtue of a court order.

“These things happen in business and I’m sure we will be able to work together,” he said. “No one seems to likes him very much, but they still do business with him.”

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