USA cancelled following hacking scare



It’s been happening since 1776 and has made outstanding contributions to global culture like Phyllis Diller, the chocolate chip pancake covered pork sausage on a stick (no, really) and the maine coon cat but now in the face of a non-specific threat from some unidentified hackers the USA has decided to cancel itself.
“This once great nation has been slightly bullied by hackers believed to be working for the North Korean government,” said former President Barack Obama in his resignation address. “Despite all previous intelligence indicating that North Korea could no more mobilise to physically attack what was our country than a Seth Rogen movie could possibly be worth a huge international fuss, just to be on the safe side we’ve decided to quit.”
The USA, famous for being quite a large country on the other end of the Atlantic, will now be turned into an overspill car park for Mexico and Canada with any left over space earmarked for a lovely big Aldi.

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