Local radio station celebrates purchase of second record



Spirits were high at Radio Harold following their announcement that the popular station had doubled its record collection with the acquisition of a second record.

“The purchase of ‘Now that’s what I call Easy Listening Vol 6’ allows us to deliver our vision of a requests show,” said controller Mavis Jackson. “Obviously, listeners’ choices will be restricted to the two records in our library but they will be able to choose from some 15 tracks, if you don’t include the Cliff Richard song. That should be enough to fill the airwaves for days!”

“This exciting news gives us the opportunity to refresh our programme schedules,” continued Ms Jackson. “Our ever popular feature ‘What’s in my hedge?’ will be trimmed to a daily fifteen minutes and the God Spot, when the Rev. Tansy Forster gives advice on skin aliments, will be moved away from the breakfast show following complaints after the some villagers mistook the recent item about boils to be a cookery feature.

The news that ‘What’s in my Hedge?’ had survived the chop was welcomed by listeners, who had feared that it would be consigned to broadcasting history like its predecessor ‘What’s in your Box?’ which was cancelled shortly after Harold was given its first ever postwoman, twenty years ago.

Regulars in the Squirrel Lickers Arms still affectionately refer to the slot as ‘What’s in my Bush?’ as a tribute to the infamous live interview with postwoman Elsie Duggan.

According to Eddie the landlord, a recording of the show is still held in the archives and can be heard if an appropriate donation is made to the not-for-profit community radio station.

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