Russell Brand sues designers of Guy Fawkes mask


“I definitely came up with this first” insisted Brand.

Russell Brand has started legal action against legendary author Alan Moore, claiming he stole his face for an iconic Guy Fawkes mask.

Brand, 444, revealed he was the inspiration for graphic novel ‘V for Vendetta’, despite Moore never meeting him or caring if he was dead or alive.

“What it is, right, is a ponderous liberty with me visage”, said Brand. “I’ve been contriving for a fulmination of parliament from the first day I was on drugs. Parklife.”

Defence lawyers for Moore pointed out that he didn’t ‘draw a bloody thing’, but simply wrote the story for David Loyd to illustrate. “Aye, but the flocculent visionary was thinking of me when he wroted it, dint ‘e? Parklife”, insisted Brand.

Brand has taken the step of reinforcing his case by undergoing some plastic surgery. The surgeon explained how, as sculptors remove stone to reveal the image within, he peeled back layers of the gurning fool until only a 2 dimensional plastic mask was left. “Voila! As they say in Stepney”, said Brand.

Alan Moore refused to comment on the specific legal claims, but made a cryptic reference to style over substance before promoting his latest book.

“It’s a story about a moron who jumps on a band wagon and uses it to attract women”, revealed Moore. “The working title is ‘Brand Awareness’, but unfortunately that might be too subtle for the little shit.”

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