Frump-Bencher: near-tearful Harman lets politics get in way of fashion


X-X rated: no-one with a Y chromosome has so far read her message.

Dowdy working gal Harriet Harman stepped out today in a frumpy grey t-shirt…but still wanted men would take notice of her.

Wearing a baggy unisex top, perhaps borrowed from her husband or hurriedly retrieved from the laundry basket, frump-bencher Harman raised fears she may have gone frigid, or given up on herself.

Fashion expert Pippa Delaney fears the politician wasn’t wearing a bra, or at least not one that made the most of her assets.

Yet while blatantly wearing a shapeless sack that forlornly displayed last season’s font, the ageing Harman still expected David Cameron to stare at her tits.

“There was something written down there, but the PM wouldn’t have noticed”, revealed Delaney. “He was too busy looking at her eyes, to see what was making her so sad.”

“I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!”, pleaded the shadow homely secretary. Cameron seemed to stare right through her.

Shining wantonly under the media spotlight, ‘Call me, Dave’ tossed his hair in a ravishing suit, a move that drew whoops from his admirers on the back benches.

“You wouldn’t catch me wearing that”, simmered Cameron (38-40-38). “As I said to my wife when she dressed me this morning; when it comes to our wardrobe, I won’t be ‘left’ off-the-shelf.”

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