Whistleblowers ‘still not being heard’ at UK’s biggest whistle factory

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Whistleblowers still face real problems in getting their message heard in the UK’s largest whistle factories, campaigners say.

In most industries, great improvements have been made in allowing employees to expose misconduct or illegal activity, but for some reason whistle manufacturers lag well behind, according to unions.

“It’s as if our members are simply not being heard,” complained USDAW union spokesman Geoff Tooting. “It must be something to do with the nature of this industry that whistle-blowers’ attempts to raise awareness are going unnoticed.”

Speaking from the shop floor of the “Referee’s Friend” whistlemaker factory in Dunstable, chief pea fitter Albert Clapper spoke of his frustration at being unable to get his message across, but unfortunately the room was so unbearably full of the deafening noise of whistles that our reporter was unable to hear a word he said.

Earlier reports that staff at the factory were facing a gagging order were found to be incorrect, and actually referred to the nearby manufacturing premises of leading gimpware provider “Gags-R-Us”.

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