Ecclestone: F1 radio ‘topic ban’ includes politics and religion

'You're breaking up' Bernie solves the Hamilton/Rosberg feud mid-race

‘Sorry, you’re breaking up.’ Bernie resolves  Hamilton/Rosberg feud mid-race

Bernie Ecclestone says prohibitions in F1 pit-to-car radio have similarities with polite dinner protocols.

“As well as politics & religion” explained the mini-mogul “we’re excluding scottish independence, sexual innuendo and your wife’s even-younger sister.”

F1 teams had criticised plans to restrict information given to race drivers and the newly crowned World Tipping Champion was keen to offer reassurance.

“We’ve not banning absolutely everything. For instance, urgent stock market news is OK and a message to pick up something on the way home is also fine. Phone-ins from viewers are definitely out though – until I sign a contract with a premium line provider.”

“Rosberg to Hamilton conversations will be allowed, but only after the 9pm watershed.”

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