Obama mistakes Stonehenge for golf course

"Where's my bloody ball?"

“Where’s my bloody ball?”

Barack Obama’s surprise visit to Stonehenge was because he thought it was a golf course, according to reports from those present at the ancient stone circle.

“He strode out of the helicopter and asked where the first tee was” said English Heritage’s Stonehenge manager Kate Davies. “I thought he wanted a cuppa so I pointed him in the direction of the visitor centre.”

“Next thing I heard a loud bang and Obama muttering ‘bloody stones’.”

Stonehenge curator Heather Sebire said it was an honour to guide President Obama around the 4,500 year old monument.

“He asked lots and lots of questions, like would a punched 7 iron clear the main group of stones, and was it a free drop or a penalty from the burial mounds?”

“I think I made the President’s day when I said, quite honestly, that he had shot the lowest round ever recorded at Stonehenge.”

Obama is not the only US President to be confounded by the mysteries of Stonehenge. George W Bush apparently thought it was a large outdoor bowling alley, while Bill Clinton remarked that the stones looked just like something that never went anywhere near Monica Lewinsky.

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