Tony Blair wins Philanthropist of the Year award (seriously)



Tony Blair won the GQ Philanthropist of the Year award and picked up his prize in person.

In his acceptance speech he said. “I would like to dedicate this award to the people that work with and for my organisations. I feel the pulse of progress beating a little harder.”

All of the above is true, none of it has been distorted by us.

We’ll be honest, we on the Evening Harold Team are quite worried this morning as this news truly makes us wonder if satire is dead.

Shall we put the kettle on?




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3 Responses to Tony Blair wins Philanthropist of the Year award (seriously)

  1. I thought you chaps were taking things too far. Satire has to have some believability to be funny and this couldn’t POSSIBLY happen (maybe in an alternative universe). Imagine my horror when I discovered the story is true! Not made up, not exaggerated or anything! Is someone at GQ taking the piss? Was this some form of ‘Rick-Rolling?’. I mean, what the fuck??

  2. I seriously thought that this was the BEST joke posted here until I realised it was for real! Whit??? A warmongering ex P.M. gets this kind of accolade? Again Whit??? The world has seriously gone mad!!!!