Local parlour develops invisible tattoo for people unable to show tats at work

ArmHave you been told by your employers that tattoos are unacceptable? Well, hope is at hand thanks to Harold tattooist Dave Zhou who has invented a technique which provides perfect invisible tattoos, which means you can have a tattoo anywhere you like without your boss being able to see it.

Being a police officer, PC Anita Flegg had been unable to display even the tiniest of tattoos until now, so she was one of Dave Zhou’s first customers when he advertised the new product. She is delighted with the results.

“It’s been a real bore not being able to have tats like my mates,” she told the Evening Harold, “but now, thanks to Dave’s skills, I’m thrilled to have a tattoo on my forehead which reads ‘Make my day, punk’ which I know is there but no one can see, so I can’t get into trouble at work. It’s so empowering.”

Dave Zhou explained his new procedure. “It’s a very similar process to any tattoo,” he said. “You choose your design from the catalogue, and using all of my artistic skills, I draw the design onto the customer using invisible inks. It takes just as long as a standard tattoo and is just as uncomfortable for the customer. And just as expensive.”

Mr Zhou appeared needled by the suggestion that he might be simply stabbing people with pins and ripping them off, “If I wasn’t giving people real tattoos,” he said defiantly, “I’d hardly start by warning them of the high cost of removing an invisible tattoo, would I?

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