Driverless BMWs will still ‘act like dicks’, company says

With the government announcement that driverless cars will be permitted on public roads, BMW have said that any driverless car they release will still act like a dick.

“It is important that any autonomous car acts in a way people would expect if it was being driven by a human” a BMW press release said.

“That’s why indicator use is out of the window. Not only that, but our high-tech super-sensitive sensors mean we can still make any driverless car tailgate you, even at 90mph.

“As with any BMW that is controlled by a typical BMW driver, the car will let you know when it is one metre away from your bumper on the motorway by aggressively flashing its lights.”

The move by the German car maker has been welcomed by motoring organisations.

The AA have said: “A BMW racing around like no one is behind the wheel is nothing new to all other road users. But nothing can prepare you for a BMW thanking you for letting it out.”

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