Giant hole near Harold mysteriously disappears


Hole now shows up on Google Maps.

A massive crater in the countryside on the outskirts of Harold has mysteriously disappeared overnight.

‘Old Gapey’, a colossal cavern that has swallowed nearly 2% of villagers’ pets, went without a trace during the small hours of the morning.

“I were out walking my dog, an old one what we don’t want any more, and I couldn’t believe my eyes at what wasn’t there right before me”, explained Jeth Evans, who first discovered the hole was missing.

“My wife was horrified when I returned what with Tyson still being there faithfully by my side and all. Not even a limp lead or nothing, it was eerie.”

Police arrived swiftly on a scene but it turned out to be the wrong one; many rural forces lack the technology to detect the past altitude of fields.

“We’ve cordoned an area off and we can only hope it’s the right one”, said PC Flegg. “We don’t want concerned citizens dumping bodies or incriminating evidence in just any old spot.”

Crowds have gathered in a number of places quite near to ice cream vans. Some have been shocked that the council hasn’t yet introduced a charge for car parking.

“When something like this happens, it can cause a lot of distress and worry”, said Cllr Ron Ronsson. “And we’re already experiencing a spike in demand for beds in local retirement homes.”

Harold parish council has urged locals not to visit the area, at least until they’ve had time to repair the damage using shovels and some dynamite.

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