Tony Blair doing “a good job” leading Labour Party says Ed Miliband

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Sharing a moment: Tony Blair and Ed Miliband

With political tensions running high ahead of the European elections Ed Miliband continues to prove that he’s as good at interviews as your mum is at saying to no to sailors.

In another bruising encounter, this time on Dunstable Live, Miliband first stumbled over a question about the cost of living and then appeared to be in doubt about what he’s for. The rot began to set in when presenter Liz Colefax asked:

“Mr Miliband, you claimed that you as a family of four spend only £70 a week on groceries. How do you manage that?” to which Miliband replied, “We’re very thrifty, we only drink socialist champagne, and in the week we feed on a modest diet of crow pie and baloney.”

Clearly aware he’d gone conversationally off-piste Miliband then sought to reassert himself by talking about Tony Blair saying that he was doing “a good job” of leading the Labour party and that “he is a good leader of the country.”

On being informed that the government is Tory-led Miliband didn’t miss a beat saying:

“Um, oh yes, I mean Tony, ol’ Tone, the Tonemiester, is doing a great job leading the Tories.”

A visibly surprised Liz Colefax sought clarification saying, “Mr Miliband, you do know that you are the leader of the Labour Party, don’t you?”

Miliband’s response of “Don’t be ridiculous, who on earth would believe that?” saw the interview being brought to a swift close by his handlers.

Reports that David Axelrod then gave Miliband a Chinese burn and made him sit on the naughty step for quite some time remain persistent but unconfirmed.

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