Play ‘You Know the Difference’ with Nigel Farage!

Nigel can see what’s happening on the streets of Britain, but do YOU have the same amazing vision?

Why not try Nigel’s “You Know the Difference” challenge, and see if you can spot the hidden difference between the nice German man and the Romanian! Nigel knows why he thinks they’re different, but he can’t say – not on the radio, anyway!


Do YOU know the difference???


You know you wouldn’t want one of them living next door to you, but can you spot the crucial reason why they’re so different?

Study these two men carefully, making sure to keep your mind nicely closed. Check your answer below!

If you can spot the difference – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a UKIP candidate!

Next week: Join us again to play Spot the Difference between Nigel’s BRAIN and an ONION!

Answer: Of course there’s no fucking difference, you racist twat!

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