Job seekers ‘helped to work’ by being forced to volunteer to build HS2


After last night’s vote in favour of HS2, David Cameron has announced the whole project will cost a lot less than originally thought with plans to get jobseekers to build the entire project as part of the governments ‘help to work’ scheme.

“Those receiving benefits should no longer think they can keep getting something for nothing, unless of course that something for nothing is inheritance from an extremely wealthy relative,” Cameron told MPs.

“So those looking for, or unable to work can contribute to this major infrastructure project by being forced to volunteer on it.”

“Labour is always one of the biggest costs on projects like this, but paying just over £70 a week for workers can only be good for the tax payer.”

Mr Cameron was asked what would happen when the ‘job seekers’ found real work.

“Well that won’t happen will it,” he replied abruptly. “How can they find work whilst being made to volunteer for 40 hours a week.”

Opponents of the plans pointed out that for some of those looking for work, the cost of traveling to some of the sites would eat up most of their income.

These criticism were quickly dismissed by the prime minister as he pointed out that at least five percent of those on the project would have very little traveling expenses, especially those for whom the train line will go straight through their living rooms.

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