Farage punk photo ‘may be clever forgery’


Suspicion is growing that a photo supposedly showing UKIP leader Nigel Farage in his youth as a rebellious punk rocker is in fact a forgery.

The photo, above, seems to clearly show Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious looking adoringly into Farage’s eyes, and it is these subtle homoerotic overtones which have allegedly caused the UKIP hierarchy to demand a ban from all media outlets.

In fact, close examination by experts has now revealed that despite all appearances, the photo may in fact not be genuine. This is hard to believe, given its authentic appearance, but Photoshop gurus have managed to spot a few tell-tale discrepancies which may begin to cast doubts.

The angle at which Pistol Sid is staring at his beloved does not quite match up with pouting Nigel’s eyeline, and the shadows flickering delicately across the UKIP grandee’s pert jowls do not on close inspection seem to fit with the rest of the picture.

Also, Nigel does not seem to be spewing racist scaremongering bollocks, and rarely wears laddered tights.

The jury is still out on this one for now, however, with many commentators claiming there is “no smoke without fire” and “I’ve read the manifesto, and compared to that, this is almost sane…”

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  1. Maybe ? As if he was ever cool.