OAP clamped after Post Office queue fiasco

POA village post office has been criticised for its ‘draconian behaviour’ after having an elderly customer clamped and removed for spending too much time chatting as she drew her pension.

Eye witness, Dave Zhou, was in a long queue behind pensioner Elsie Duggan when the clampers moved into action. “The old dear at the front of the queue had been deep in conversation at the counter for ages when an alarm sounded and two men in hi-viz grubby overalls stormed in and clamped her walking frame. Then they lifted her onto a trolley and wheeled her out of the building. The last I saw was them hoisting her onto the back of a truck by crane.”

“It was pitiful really,” continued Mr Zhou. “As she was wheeled out she cried out: ‘Don’t take me away. I’ve only just finished talking about my hip operation and I’ve not told you about my granddaughter’s GCSE exam results yet.'”

A spokesman for Harold’s post office defended the action. “We have had our eye on Mrs Duggan for some time.”

“We have a fair usage policy operating in this post office,” he explained. “It’s very clearly displayed on the notice board in the staff kitchen so there is no excuse. Some people are just taking liberties.”

Mrs Duggan’s daughter, Julie said that her mother was still traumatised by her experience. “Mum’s weekly visit to the Post Office was the highlight of her week. She used to look forward to a nice chat with the lovely girl behind the counter, now her trust has been shattered.”

“I’ll never forget the heartbroken look on her face when we arrived at the pound to collect her. Or the look on my husband’s after he had to stump up £350 for her release fee.”

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