‘Want to get on? Then get a head start.’ Cameron tells youngsters


Not handed to me on just any old plate. It was solid silver, half an inch thick and this big

Poor qualifications may mean British youngsters losing out on jobs, fears the Prime Minister. 

“My own father was good at Maths and English” he said yesterday “He could add up money and read tax law, which meant I had the qualifications to get into Eton College, after which it was onwards and upwards. If I have one question for aspirational young people, looking for opportunities today, it is this – do your parents have pots of money?”

Eton was followed for Cameron by a gap-year, firstly as a parliamentary researcher for his godfather and then a few months in Hong Kong, arranged by his father. “Here’s another top qualification tip for free” said Cameron “ensure your family has well-connected friends.”

After University David Cameron spent several years with the Conservative Research Department, before his mother-in-law to-be sorted out a job for him in Corporate Affairs, giving him experience of working lunches and an intolerance of young people who expect the earth but are unwilling to ‘put in the hard yards’ first. Or pay someone else to do it for them.

“OK then, one final piece of advice” chuckled the PM “otherwise I’m going to charge you. No, really. Make sure your future wife’s family is also well-connected. A Lady Astor worked well for me but you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and find your own qualifications.”

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