‘Brave’ men to go into work unshaven and dishevelled for bollock cancer charity

John Virgo - Everyday Hero

John Virgo – Everyday Hero

With over £2m raised by the recent “no make-up selfie” viral campaign, men are now being inspired to go even further to do their bit.

In the past few days, hundreds of thousands of ‘courageous and empowered’ women have posted pictures of themselves without make-up on social media, raising awareness for a charity, earning praise for their fearlessness, and inspiring the men working at Harold’s Knife and Scissors factory to do something – and now their idea has gone viral under the hashtag ‪#‎WeCanBeHeroes‬ .

‘We don’t wear make-up, but we knew that if we had the guts to do it, we could look a proper mess showing our inner beauty if we didn’t shave or brush our teeth for a few days,’ said Ben Chobham who helped come up with the idea. ‘Then things just snowballed from there!’

The #WeCanBeHeroes trend has spread around the village like wildfire, with brave, courageous men pledging to show their true beauty and face the world unshaven, unwashed and wearing the same jogging bottoms and T-Shirt three days in a row next week.

Ed Grudgingly, the Landlord at the Squirrel Lickers Arms will be serving pints and pickled eggs wearing only a string vest and a pair of skid-marked underpants, although it’s not clear he knows about this campaign.

‘It takes nerve, it’s bold, a little bit fierce, but it’s about how men feel about themselves, their private and public faces. Society expects us to look one way, and we’re saying “this is the real me, get over it”,’ explained Chobham, before challenging women to ‘Top that.’

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