Harold Dog Rescue needs more dogs. Can you help?


Luckily, Rose Lee had 40 surplus dogs available

Fairly popular local animal charity, Harold Dog Rescue, is appealing for urgent financial help, following a break-in over last weekend.

“When I woke up on Monday morning, I was horrified to find that all forty dogs had been nicked” said centre manager Alison Lee, who was only appointed last month. “The very worst thing is that our well-meaning elderly and retired volunteers now have nothing to do. So as an emergency measure, we decided to buy in some new stock.”

All is not doom and gloom though, for Harold’s fourth favourite companion-dog charity. Alison’s aunt Rose Lee is an enthusiastic amateur dog-collector. For several  years a resident of Holloway north London, by a stroke of good fortune  Rose has  been living in her caravan near Dunstable since last Friday. 

“By sheer chance, my Aunt Rose has a number of spare animals  she’s willing to part with” says Alison “but  it’s only right she should be paid. She’s very attached to her group of forty assorted un-named dogs. You can’t really put a value on the love of a trusted family dog. We’ve agreed a pony each . Plus a monkey for sundries, such as chloroform, shed rental and incidental expenses.”

Alison says donations in cash (non-sequential serial numbers for some accounting reason) may be left in the envelope marked ‘Alison’s Bar Tab’ under the Optics at the Squirrel Lickers Arms. Anyone asking Eddie for a receipt will be barred.

Harold Dog Rescue: Saving dogs since October 2013. Proudly supported by the Squirrel Lickers Arms & Tasty Tucker, Dunstable’s premier Korean Restaurant “죽이고 그들을 먹고”

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