Meet the new Heiry Cornflake: Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw replaced by Prince Charles

Prince Charles passed the Duchy on the left-hand side.

Radio 1 experienced a surprise boost to its audience figures yesterday during a live audition by Prince Charles and Camilla.

Listeners in the key 15 to 29 year-old demographic turned on in their droves to listen to someone marginally less celebrity-obsessed than Grimshaw.

Initially the broadcast was delayed for a few minutes, but eventually a technician found a set of headphones that could be forced over the Prince’s ears.

Prince Charles chose a track by The Smiths during his visit. “I would never tire of hearing ‘The Queen is Dead'”, he claimed.

The royal couple were flattered by Grimshaw, although they did find his conversation more inane than they’re used to, even taking into account Charles’ habit of talking to plants.

“Nick paid us the nicest compliment”, said Camilla. “He said we both have a face that suits radio. Although then he went on to ask if we’d met William or Harry. I suspect there’s a chance he’s a moron.”

Charles surprised audiences with his taste in music. “I was asked if I was a big house fan so I replied ‘yes, I’ve got several’, but my favourite is Buckingham Palace”, explained the Prince.

The couple quickly dropped into the routine of making the sort of ill-informed banter that media managers think appeals to the youth of today.

“This Grimshaw chap was rather tall for a jockey and I wasn’t taken with his silks, so I asked him which part of Ireland he’s from”, said Charles. “Daddy will be pleased that I’m continuing the family tradition of casual racism.”

Prince Charles was also shown around Radio 3 and Radio 4, but was swiftly moved past 6 Music where Billy Bragg was being interviewed. “They wouldn’t have got on”, said a BBC manager. “And there’s nothing worse in radio than dead heir.”

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