Latest neknomination tragedy sees old lady die after swallowing a horse


Don’t ask why, don’t ask how: just watch and be outraged.

The Facebook drinking game neknomination has claimed another victim as an old lady died shortly after posting a video of herself swallowing a horse.

Mavis Watkins took part in the deadly game after being nominated by her grandson, and initially tried to outdo his effort by swallowing a fly. Seeming to not fully understand the rules she then repeatedly nominated herself to take part in ever more extreme challenges before eventually swallowing the horse that killed her.

“Neknomination is mainly a young person’s game so I thought that it would be good to get my Gran involved.” said devastated Thomas Watkins, Mavis’ grandson, “I never thought that it would end like this.”

“I videoed her swallowing the fly and she then named herself and challenged herself to do something more extreme. I thought it was funny so I didn’t explain to her straight away that you are supposed to nominate somebody else.”

Mrs Watkins followed up the fly by swallowing a spider and then a bird. When she started eyeing up the family cat Thomas grew concerned and tried to get her to stop.

“I explained to her how it was supposed to work but she was on a roll by that point, catching and swallowing a stray dog before heading off towards a farm, where she swallowed a goat, a cow and then the horse. Now she’s dead, of course.”

A student who was criticised for his own video has defended the game, claiming that it is ‘harmless fun as long as you don’t do anything stupid’ before downing a pint of bleach and setting himself on fire.

But in the wake of his grandmother’s death, Thomas is now calling for Facebook to act and ban the game.

“Something needs to be done before anybody else gets hurt and I think that Facebook have to take responsibility for people’s actions and ban anybody who neknominates. I would also like them to ban the groups Stopalorrywithyourface and Whocaneatthemostpins?”

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