People still mistaking Katie Hopkins’ opinions for news

The latest fuss surrounding self-promoting rent-a-gob, Katie Hopkins, suggests that many people in the media and the public in general are still under the misguided impression that her contrived, deliberately controversial opinions are somehow newsworthy.

More than 38,000 people have signed a petition to have Hopkins banned from the media in the wake of her comments about Scotland, completely missing the point that in doing so they are giving her exactly the publicity she craves.

“I’ve got a neighbour who is a massive racist. Everybody is well aware that he’s a racist and he’s even known as ‘racist John’ around the town.” said Sally Terry, of Dunstable, “Do you know what we do? If we’re talking to him and a topic like immigration or unemployment comes up we just kind of glaze over, tune him out and walk away. Katie Hopkins is like a media whore version of racist John. But not just racist though, she pretends to hate everybody so that she gets invited to be on TV. The problem is that news outlets haven’t learned to ignore her yet. The Sun even pay her for the privilege of printing her stupid opinions, what’s that all about?”

“The main difference between Katie Hopkins and racist John is that John is a plasterer, so he has never been on The Apprentice and nobody outside of the town knows him. Having seen her make a career for herself he’s now been and bought a hideous pinstripe suit, applied for a job as an estate agent, and learned to talk complete and utter bollocks so he can try and get on the show next year.”

A string of comments from Hopkins have caused all sorts of people to know who she is when they really shouldn’t concern themselves with her, and are almost certain to earn her a spot on the next series of Big Brother.

When asked for his opinion on Hopkins’ latest outburst, another Dunstable resident responded “Who? Should I know who she is? Oh, she was on the Apprentice was she? That would probably explain why she’s such a twat.”

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