‘Win-win’ as clinic offers man-boob removal and female breast enlargement

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Eddie’s moobs found a good home with Brenda

A local plastic surgery clinic has gained worldwide attention for its novel idea of offering both man boob removals and female breast enlargements. The clinic run by Harold doctor Clive Evans has already conducted man boob transplants for over 100 happy customers, and is a finalist in the UK Innovation Awards.

Like all good ideas, it seems surprising that nobody thought of moob transplants before. Dr Evans said he had his “eureka” moment when he and ex-wife Sally were on holiday in Marbella and they saw all the buff men and buxom women on the beach. “Sally said we have got things the wrong way round – she was flat-chested and I had double D cups” said Dr Evans. “So I said why don’t we swap?”

“After a few months research, we tested the procedure on ourselves” said Dr Evans. “The operation was a total success – Sally had big breasts and I had a flat chest so we quickly obtained new partners and divorced.”

Dr Evans said that he was a bundle of nerves during the first few moob transplants. “I was confident the excess hunks of man-fat would be more than happy to reside on the female patient’s chest, but I was worried the host body would reject the out-sized man-mammaries. Turns out I needn’t have worried as the women were happy to put up with the side-effects of possible dementia for the sake of a triple C cup bust.”

Evans noted that the moob transplants were environmentally friendly. “It’s a renewable resource – Eddie from the Squirrel Licker’s Arms donates his moobs every six months. The only problem is he insists on having visiting rights.”

Harold Mayor Rufus D Jackson said that Dr Evans’ clinic is just one of several innovative businesses in the village. “Sally Evans is doing a roaring trade in brazilians for women and male baldness cures.”

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