Star Wars fans angry at news next movie will be set around Bristol


These aren’t the droids Eeyore looking for

Star Wars fans were venting their anger this morning after news leaked out from Disney studios that unusually for the series, the next Star Wars film will be set “largely in Bristol and Somerset.”

The current open casting auditions in Bristol had led some film buffs to question whether characters from the next film would have West Country accents, and it now seems that this is no accident.

“We’re really excited at the prospect of filming in the south west of England,” explained a Disney spokesperson today. “It’s a lovely part of the world, and fits very well with the plot of the next movie, which I can’t give away but is heavily based around cider.”

“Somerset boasts some of the most remote, breathtaking scenery in the world – vast hostile deserts where human life is never seen, although at the weekend it perks up a bit.”

Concerns that the Somerset/cider angle would not be in keeping with the existing Star Wars universe were played down.

“Fans needn’t worry, we’re keeping very close to the spirit of the original movies,” explained Benedict Cumberbatch, who is playing new character Darth Gummidge in the next movie. “All your old favourites will be there: Ooh-Arr 2D2, Old Uncle Tom Kenobi, and, er, C3P-Aaaaarrrr.”

Fears are also growing that this change in direction will prompt George Lucas to tweak the original series, as he has done many times before. One leaked clip on YouTube appeared to have the original Darth Vader dialogue as spoken by actor David “Green Cross Code” Prowse, before his speech was overdubbed by James Earl Jones – the line “Luke! Oi be yums faaaather!” can be clearly heard. The fact that Darth Vader is now apparently chewing on a long blade of grass in this scene has also distressed fans.

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