Tories lose two terror suspects; now Labour admit ‘we can’t find Tony Blair’


Unlike all our other pictures, for some reason this one wouldn’t stick to the left

Following on from yesterday’s announcement that the conservative-led Home Office had lost track of two terror suspects, the Labour Party have had to admit they too have lost someone with a proven record of being a danger to national security.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, also known to his associates as ‘Yo Blair’, has been missing since 31st October when an undercover surveillance team saw him enter a Halloween party dressed in ‘western- style clothes’.

It is thought he gave the team the slip by exiting in a scary and spooky but wholly realistic Margret Thatcher disguise (pictured above).

Blair, who has been linked to the trigger-happy American George Bush, had been subject to ‘Tony Blair investigation measures’ (TBim). Authorities believe he may be responsible for the majority of terrorist training camps set up in the Middle-East. His slippery nature means he has managed to avoid any prosecution for his part in the Iraq war.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “We do not consider Blair a direct threat to people in the UK, but his actions elsewhere may indirectly screw thing up for the rest of us.

“But directly he will cause you no harm, unless you have any secret barrels of oil stashed away”. He confirmed that George Galloway was under 24hour police protection.

He also advised the public to phone 999 if they spot him. “This man should not be approached. He won’t hurt you, but the second he starts talking, he will charge you”.

This is not the first time Labour has lost track of Blair. Six months ago he evaded surveillance officers dressed as a cow in a field after hearing of the Government’s plans of a cull to ‘eradicate TB’.

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