Pet owners complain that their cats smell of Dell Laptops

IMG_0920Eight out of ten cat owners have complained that their moggies have started to emit a smell similar to that of a new laptop computer.

Although the pong, first reported in September, has been identified by boffins as being identical to Dell’s Latitude 6430u laptop, experts are baffled by the cause of the ‘Dell Smell’ phenomenon.

Marjorie Houndstooth’s tabby, Giles, is a sufferer. “It’s a nasty cheap plasticky smell,” explained Mrs Houndstooth, “like the one you experience when you open a box containing electrical equipment.”

“We wouldn’t have a Dell in the house, so I’ve not idea where the smell has come from. Of course, if Giles smelt of Apples it wouldn’t be so bad,” she joked.

Investigators have eliminated all of the obvious possibilities such as exposure to contaminated food, mice, and extended feline gaming sessions. They are now wondering if the pets may be receptive to Dells’ wireless anti-theft technology designed to thwart all criminal attempts from pickpockets to cat burglars.

Meantime, cat owners have been assured that the smell is not hazardous to the health of either the cat or the owner, provided that people remember to follow the basic rules of safety.

  1. When unpacking your cat on delivery, ensure you remove all of the polystyrene packing
  2. All cats should be fitted with anti-virus software
  3. When putting your cat out in the evening, ensure it has logged out completely before letting it back inside
  4. Don’t let anyone take the piss out of stories suggesting that laptops smell of cat urine

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