Film fan backlash as reviewer asks for £500,000 for socks and cake

SF McCrossin on his way to another film

SF McCrossin on his way to another film

Film fans have reacted with fury as local reviewer and self-proclaimed ‘Top Nerd’ S.F McCrossin has asked fans to contribute £500,000 to his Kickstarter campaign. McCrossin has failed to provide a breakdown of where this money would be spent leading to the widespread belief that he will spend it all on socks and cake.

McCrossin has long been notorious in film geek circles for his website Isn’t It on which he gives outstanding reviews to the most mediocre of films in exchange for presents from film makers and studios or as he likes to put it ‘gifty-wifties’.

A man whose super-morbid obesity makes him instantly recognisable and whose overpowering stench unfortunately makes him instantly smellable McCrossin is unrepentant about asking for a huge handout.

“I’m just a little child who loves films,” said McCrossin, 42. “In order to maintain that childish sense of wonder I must be surrounded by giftty-wifties and given everything I desire without having to work for it. Do children work? No they don’t. I rest my case.”

However very few people have been charmed by what McCrossin calls his ‘loveable childlike simplicity’ and many others call arrested development and his Kickstarter campaign has so far made only £14.30 in pledges while film fans flock to Isn’t It Lovely to express their outrage at being asked for money in return for such duff exclusives as the chance to come to Harold and do McCrossin’s laundry and McCrossin attending a party if someone pledges £1000 on the condition that the party is in McCrossin’s house and the pledger provides the food, drink, music, guests and tidies up once everyone’s gone.

With only a few days left for the Kickstarter to run and the backlash growing stronger it is looking increasingly likely that this may be the end of McCrossin’s career as a reviewer. It is rumoured that at least one group is preparing to make an offer on the domain name – Isn’t It Lovely – saying that they adore it as asking that question is a core part of being a Brony.

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