Village welcomes Romanian gypsies with open arms, both holding a shotgun

GypsiesHarold became the first village in Britain to actively encourage Romanian gypsies after its council voted to fund a makeshift campsite on Harold Common. However, any thoughts that Harold was now a haven for tolerance quickly subsided after the council also legalised gypsy hunting.

Harold Mayor Rufus D Jackson agreed it was a quirky result but said that was the nature of politics.

“The council was split 2-2 on offering a place to stay for those poor Romanian gypsies. The standard of debate was the highest I have ever seen with supporters saying ‘Romanian gypsies are people too’ to which the objectors replied ‘yes, but they smell bad’. Luckily the impasse was resolved when the UKIP councillor suggested the gypsy hunting amendment.”

Mayor Jackson said the first three busloads of Romanian gypsies were due to arrive tomorrow.

“Harold Common will be decorated in colourful flags and we’ll welcome the gypsies with music and free food and drinks all day. Then, as a matter of fairness, we will tell them about the legalised hunting thing.”

Councillor Ron Ronsson said the plan could be a real boost to Harold’s economy with frustrated toffs still smarting after the fox hunting ban.

“We have let it be known in upper class circles that we have very large and somewhat colourful foxes so we expect a flood of visitors all with large wallets. Of course the gypsies will steal those wallets and hopefully spend the proceeds at Harold shops thus lifting the economy.”

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