Haroldhenge: A Mecca for Hippies.

Stonehenge wastelandResidents of the village have opened their arms, if not nostrils, to a swathe of visitors who have descended on the village.

With Harold’s own Stonehenge finally completed, hundreds of Druids, Pagans, New Age travelers and followers of alternative lifestyles have flocked to the village in recent days.

Druids of Harold spokesman Gwinfor Trevelliss is delighted that the authentically transported and built replica was completed in time for the celebration of Summer Solstice.

Gwinfor explained that the Solstice was probably the single most important festival in the Pagan calendar, and that its origins are rooted in ancient times.

“Midsummer marks the longest day of the year, and the astronomical start of summer.It’s been celebrated for thousands of years, and has its roots in the worship of Sol.We knew we were undertaking an enormous task hoping to have our own henge ready in time, but through the judicious use of ancient herbal tinctures and draughts, we were able to persuade our two Welsh ‘slaves’ to do the work of the original thousands who would have been involved in the construction of Stonehenge.” Pausing to take a long, deep, draw on his hand-rolled cigarette, Gwinfor continued, “We realised that it was too time consuming for our slaves to transport the 25 tonne stones, so we hired a couple of Transit vans and did it that way.”

Friends of 'Alternative' Lifestyles.

Friends of ‘Alternative’ Lifestyles.

Gwinfor had one reservation about the revelry due to take place in the early hours of Friday morning, “I’m just hoping everyone’s smoked enough skunk not to notice we built it to mark ‘The X-Factor’, instead of the sunrise.”

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