‘John McCririck sets precedent for companies to sack weird freaks everywhere’ claims C4


McCririck may have lied on his CV when he claimed to be ‘not all that weird’

Channel 4 has hailed their sacking of John McCririck as ‘striking a blow against oddballs’, and has urged others saddled with irritating weirdos to do the same.

Turning up for work each day dressed some sort of  ‘shit Doctor Who’, no-one can remember how McCririck ever got past the interview process.

But while European law was supposed to stop employers treating normal people like disposable scum, there are fears the same protection has inadvertently been extended to nut-jobs.

“With his hand-tourettes and hair stolen from a badger’s pubic region, no-one in their right mind would justify keeping McCririck”, said a C4 executive.

Unfortunately for the broadcaster McCririck turned out to be quite old. That meant he could claim he wasn’t sacked for his abrasive personality, but because he might die fairly soon.

Nigel Farage was quick to jump on the band wagon, and condemn Europe’s interference in the case. “Once again, some normally dressed, faceless Eurocrat has stuck their oar in our affairs”, roared Farage.

“Of course you should sack old people, especially if they’re women. They go a bit saggy, and no-one wants that on their television”, suggested the UKIP leader.

“But somehow, their red tape doesn’t extend to protect the great British eccentric. Some of my best friends are eccentrics, and I get on really well with them.”

The BBC is watching the case closely, having previously been criticised for their ‘Logan’s Run’ approach to female news readers and weather ‘girls’.

“It’s not for us to say whether or not disturbed little freaks should be protected by law”, said a BBC spokesman. “But if it turns out to be OK to sack them, we’ve got Bruce Forsyth on speed dial.”

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