What’s wrong with white wine

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Miles puts in some serious research

Miles puts in some serious research

People often ask me “Miles, what have you got against white wine drinkers?”

Once I’ve picked myself up from the floor, not from the shock of the question, but usually because I’ve usually been researching fairly strenuously for several hours, I reply that I’ve nothing against the bastards personally, it’s just that the narrow minded Philistines are missing out on so much good drinking.

Even before you taste wine in a glass, a connoisseur will tell you to start with the colour.  Now, I’m not sure that you could call white wine a colour at all.  It’s not white, that’s for sure.  I mean, if you painted  a wall with paint the ‘colour’ of white wine, it would still be the colour of whatever the wall was before you painted it. Pointless!

Granted that white wine has a purpose. But this is only as an entry point to the delights and complexities of real wines which are always red in colour.

In food terms sticking with white wine is like never progressing beyond Cow & Gate baby food; or the musical equivalent of hearing Cliff Richard & the Shadows circa 1959 and steadfastly ignoring the subsequent development of popular music to the present day: “Beatles, Led  Zeppelin or Dizzee Rascal? No thanks, I’d rather stick with my copy of  Living Doll.”


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This Week’s Tasting Notes


Beaune – Château Promiscuité 2010 (Waitrose £7.99) Dark and voluptuous, lip-smacking beauty full of promise, and that’s just the waitress who served me this fruity mouthful. I would happily spend many evenings with this sultry delight. Worth every centime.

Mexico Norovirus 2012 (LIDL £3.19) It’s always nice to welcome wines from less common wine producing countries; but not this one. This gut wrencher should be banned by the World Health Organisation. Probably a white wine in disguise.

Token White

Bulgaria Слаба като пикня ( Tesco £3.99 or two for £9.99) Furtive, insipid and moustachioed. The translation of this wine says it all. As good a reason as I’ve ever drunk for voting UKIP. Typical white wine really.

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