Harold Independence Campaign

protest copyThe local Parish Council has announced ambitious plans to hold a referendum on the possible independence of Harold from Felching County Council, spearheaded by Lionel Garage, leader of the Harold Independence Party.

The idea was first mooted in the early 1950s following the initial move to bring Harold under the control of a central power. At that time, many villagers felt that their traditional rights and the individuality of the village would be lost as it was absorbed into a larger, unified council structure.

Following the post-war decline in able-bodied men to work in agricultural roles, and the then Harold Parish Council’s unique bye-law which prevented any men who were able to complete an entire and diverse family tree from working within the village, the Felching County Council believed that the villagers would soon starve and that action had to be taken.

Since that time, there have continued to be murmurings of discontent and with news of a place far, far away, (but not as far away as the lands of our Viking brethren) also holding a referendum, calls have been renewed for Harold’s own vote to be held.

Speaking outside The Squirrel Licker’s Arms, Mr Garage told us, “For too long the needs of Harold have been neglected and ignored. Felching just sucked us in and then spat us out. It’s left a very bad taste in the mouth.”

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