Village split over Holy Jesus ‘space rock’

Fingers where added at a later date

Fingers were added at a later date

A debate between religious leaders and scientists has broken out today over the validity over a piece of space rock that appears to show the face of Jesus. Henry Slater, a leading scientist from the village, has been studying the rock closely over the past two weeks.

“The specimen is believed to have come from the ‘Terra Viam Horti’ part of the Milky Way and has hurtled millions of light years across the galaxy to land in Harold (near Dunstable), but to have travelled all that way to earth could only be down to some divine intervention” Mr Slater explained.

However, Reverend Tansy Forster has appealed for a more rational discussion that is based on the facts and all the available evidence. “I would love to believe it was a sign from God and that the markings were indeed the face of Jesus, it would certainly be convenient, but what are the chances of that” she told us.

“I think it’s more rational that it happened to collide with the earth’s orbit at the point the earth was passing through, and the apparent face of the man definitely born from a virgin is just some carbon markings made during entry into the earth’s atmosphere”.

The argument seems to have divided opinion, and also attracted attention from further afield. Confirmed atheist Richard Dawkins has gone on record to suggest that although there are hundreds of more tests that could be carried out, science is as much about ‘gut feeling’ and ‘faith in what you see’ as it is about incontrovertible facts.

Speaking on behalf of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury believes everyone should take a step back and realise it is impossible for the face of Jesus to appear on a meteorite. However he did concede if Mr Slater puts his beliefs into a convincing book, people will unquestionably believe him in 1500 years.

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