Town twinning committee seeks new members as tragic incident depletes numbers

Road baghdadHarold’s town twinning committee is looking to recruit 3 new members after their latest overseas visit ended in tragedy.

The group of Harold town councillors and local dignitaries had been returning to Damascus from a highly successful community relation enhancement exercise in Aleppo when their bus was hit by a rocket propelled grenade, believed to have been fired by forces loyal to President Bashar-al-Assad. This latest incident brings the town twinning committee’s death toll to twelve.

Councillor Brian Hall, WI member Mrs Edith Waters and local supermarket trolley attendant Eric Quincy were each blown to bits in the attack. Their remains are expected to be flown back to the UK just as soon as they can be reasonably and fairly separated.

Chair of the town twinning committee, Councillor Bob Crossly paid tribute to the plucky trio.

“Their loss will be felt very deeply within the council and throughout the local community. It was Councillor Hall’s dream to unite the people of Harold with communities across the globe. It was he who masterminded the ill fated trip by the 3 committee members who were so regrettably executed in Benghazi, the badly timed Mali visit which claimed another 3, and who could have foreseen the nasty incident in Clacton which cost the lives of Independent councillor Mr William Stourbridge, and Mrs Nancy Pearson from the Lidl checkouts? Although to be fair, Mr Pearson had a lot to do with that one.”

Critics fear that once the new committee members have been found and sworn in, the cost of all the travel, accomodation, insurance and compensation claims will spiral as work will have to begin again from scratch on linking Harold with culturally interesting community minded partners across the globe.

“People shouldn’t be too worried about all that” Councillor Crossly continued, “There’s still one iron in the fire, so to speak”.

“I refer of course to Councillor Edwards, who is continuing negotiations with the good people of Mogadishu, and who, we hope, will bring back excellent and encouraging news of a successful twinning exercise, just as soon as we raise sufficient funds to pay off his ransom”.

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