Harold minors call for return of graffitied walls in Mussolini row

Rubbish graffiti

Talented bunch aren’t they?

The row over the appointment of Benito Mussolini as manager of Harold Thursday continued today, with the Harold Minors’ Association threatening to remove several pieces of graffiti from the club’s ground in protest at the long-dead fascist being given the job.

“We have proudly supported Harold Thursday for a number of years but feel that some things are more important than football. If we do not get a full explanation from the club we will be asking for the return of a number of pieces of graffiti, including the famous ‘Gaz M is a nob’ piece on the rear wall of the changing rooms.” said 15 year-old Dave Jumper, general secretary of the Harold Minors’ Association.

Fans of the club have become accustomed to the tags adorning various pieces of brickwork around the ground, and see them as a proud reminder of their juvenile roots.

“My dad brought me to my first Thursday game when I was just four and I’ve learned a lot about life from the messages daubed all over any flat surface.” said Councillor Ron Ronsson, “It would be a terrible shame if future generations of supporters were denied that same experience. They may grow up never knowing that Steve M loves Kate R, or that Brenda is a slag, and I would hate for that to happen.”

Jumper insists that the minors’ protest will only end when the club agrees to publicly back their anti-fascism campaign.

“We have launched a campaign against a number of fascist policies and we want the backing of Harold Thursday to prove that they do not support extreme politics. If they join our call for the decision by Tom’s parents to ground him for a month to be overturned then we will even let them keep the giant picture of a cock and balls on the outside wall of the ground.”

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