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Plane crash almost forces Royal wedding off BBC news’ top-spot

“Aww… aren’t they lovely though?”

A hundred deaths in a Havana air crash came close to nudging the Royal wedding off the top spot on BBC news today.

“There were no Meghan Markle relatives on board,” explained the BBC’s Huw Edwards from Windsor Castle “which is the frankly unusual element of the story we used to justify covering it.”

Survivors were spoken to in hospital by the BBC Cuba correspondent, Will Grant, who asked which part of the Royal wedding they’d most been looking forward to and how they felt about Continue reading

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Never mind the Brexit, here’s the Royal Family

Hooray, now no one has to do any thinking about anything for months.

The entire Cabinet dropped to their knees and wept tears of joy this morning as the National Distraction Machine aka the House of Windsor provided it with a perfect and enduring smokescreen. Continue reading

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