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New UK nuclear power plant named ‘Chinobyl’

ChinobylA public vote on the name for the new Chinese funded nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point, Somerset has resulted in ‘Chinobyl’ being chosen.

Red-faced officials said they thought locals naming the nuclear power plant would help the controversial project gain acceptance, and they expected something like ‘Hinkley Point power plant’ or ‘Xi Jinping power plant’ to be chosen.
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Chernobyl ‘wildlife sanctuary’ revelations rule out nukes for badger cull


The sum of all fears.

The discovery that wildlife is thriving in the Chernobyl exclusion zone has caused a rethink on using Trident against badgers.

Despite badgers being linked to the spread of bovine TB, the sheer number of moths near Reactor 4 caused a brief pause in the launch countdown.

“Our experts had spotted a family of badgers on the Avon border”, revealed DEFRA minister George Eustice. “And at least one of them seemed to have a slight cough.”
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