Eating all the junk food you have on a Sunday night is best way to start diet

You’ve got to eat them all. Letting them go to waste would be wrong

Local scientist Dr Rachel Goody has confirmed that treating the contents of your fridge like a level of Pac-Man is the best way to begin a diet.
“Stuffing yourself with lots and lots of terrible food you shouldn’t have bought in the first place is bound to work,” she said. “And my research confirms that over ninety-seven per cent of people who want to lose weight do this. And how could it fail? Spending Monday in a bloated food coma and craving more sugar is the perfect way to begin any project.”
“It’s also important to only start a healthy lifestyle change first thing on a Monday morning as it’s well known that we’re all at our best then.”
When challenged on her theory Dr Goody insisted that it was correct as long as there was only one Sunday night in a year as “spending fifty-two of them stuffing yourself and then promising that tomorrow you’ll ‘be good’ might produce less than optimal results.”

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