House price boom continues as Islington bucket sells for £310,000


To be fair it is a jaunty looking bucket

London house prices continued their spiral into madness today when a bucket in Islington sold for £310,000. Described by Renfield estate agents as “a compact and funky urban living space” they urged potential buyers to “snap this bargain property up and live in style in an ultra-modern home with vibrant colour scheme and two handles.”

Within twenty four hours of being on the market the bucket had been viewed a dozen times and been subject to over thirty offers. The buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that they were delighted with their new bucket and especially pleased with its duel-purpose nature which means they can take it to the Devon coast and use it as a second home. 

In Catford police raided a bucket that had been divided up into flats by an unscrupulous landlord who was charging tenants £285 a week to live in them and not even including wi-fi. Cramped residents said that they were well aware that for that kind of money they could rent entire houses with gardens in lovely places elsewhere in the country but, as one of them put it, “what’s the point? London’s got the best quality of life.”






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