Night-time light linked to obesity is usually ‘the fridge door light’


Might pies give off a gas which makes you fat?

Researchers studying a large group of women for 40 years say data collected shows the risk of obesity increases with over-exposure to any light-at-night, such as the problematic ‘light in the fridge’.

Dr Clive Evans of Harold who works as a GP consultant to the research project says they still have much more work to do, because not all fridges give the same effect.

“We just don’t know why. Could it be that foodstuffs more often found in Zanussi than in Miele fridges have a chemical effect on the light itself at night? When you open the door for a glass of spring water in the early hours?”

” That may sound fanciful but we have to explore every avenue, however bizarre. So we’re looking to see if lard and pastry give off a gas that might interact negatively with LED lighting”.

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