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Derek Acorah crash ‘blamed on spirits’


Psychic is now considering an Acorah NSX.

Self-confessed TV psychic Derek Acorah has been charged with careless driving and failing to provide a breath specimen, after crashing half a mile from Harold’s popular Squirrel Lickers Arms.

Acorah was arrested at the scene by PC Anita Flegg who had followed the celebrity after he left the Squirrel Lickers’ monthly Frog Sandwich & Pernod Absinthe night.

According to an onlooker at the scene, Acorah asked Flegg if they’d met previously, before announcing ‘I’m getting something… it’s the driver of a Ford Ka… He says ‘iiiit waaas aaaaalll myyy faaaault, you caaaan let Mister Acorah goooo’. “Then the bloke from the ambulance announced that he wasn’t dead, just concussed”, explained Acorah. “There’s always one in the audience who plays up.”
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