Derek Acorah crash ‘blamed on spirits’


Psychic is now considering an Acorah NSX.

Self-confessed TV psychic Derek Acorah has been charged with careless driving and failing to provide a breath specimen, after crashing half a mile from Harold’s popular Squirrel Lickers Arms.

Acorah was arrested at the scene by PC Anita Flegg who had followed the celebrity after he left the Squirrel Lickers’ monthly Frog Sandwich & Pernod Absinthe night.

According to an onlooker at the scene, Acorah asked Flegg if they’d met previously, before announcing ‘I’m getting something… it’s the driver of a Ford Ka… He says ‘iiiit waaas aaaaalll myyy faaaault, you caaaan let Mister Acorah goooo’. “Then the bloke from the ambulance announced that he wasn’t dead, just concussed”, explained Acorah. “There’s always one in the audience who plays up.”

Flegg cautioned him before asking “Have you got anything to say Mr Acorah? Oh all right – have you got anything to say Mr Bonaparte?”

Acorah made no further comment at the scene although, speaking later outside Dunstable Police Station, he said “I was a bit distracted by the voices on medium-wave.”

“I’d closed my eyes for just a split second and the spirits poured into me, then I crashed. It was a sign: it said ‘Give Way 100 Yards’. Wait.. is there somebody here called Derek ,with a career dependant on driving between provincial theatres?”

Custody Sergeant Jervis said “I was thinking of having him sectioned, partly because of all the ‘voices’ he said were speaking to him but mainly because he’s a prick.”

It’s not the first time Acorah has been involved in an accident. As he explained, “there’s something that draws me to the other side.”

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  1. How many more accidents are going to be caused by psychic mediums conducting seances whilst driving at speed down trunk roads before the law is changed? Only recently I saw Psychic Sally riding a motor bike on the A414 near Aylesbury, whilst communicating with her pillion passenger’s dead relative whose name began with A, N or possibly S. As you can imagine she was all over the road.