NHS staff ‘delighted’ by news of another reorganisation

“The NHS is safe in my, oops …”

Local NHS staff have joyfully welcomed the prospect of another reorganisation.

“Fantastic news!” cried Harold GP Dr Clive Evans, who had been toying with the idea of taking early retirement. “But you can forget about that now. I can’t wait to get stuck into lots of new forms and protocols. Oh, oh, oh … and briefing seminars, where you pretend to be your favourite animal. My Salamander from the Lansley reforms is still talked of at Dunstable Royal Infirmary.”

Evans thinks the NHS is overdue for change in its day to day running. “The thing is, what with Lansley and then Hunt, we became normalised to change. Or is it that change became normalised to us? No matter, it’s a psychology thing that means something or other.”

“Where was I? Asked Evans “Oh yes. So, when six months go by without a massive change of direction, the stress builds up.”

“This particular stress was first identified in 2012 as ‘Jeremus Huntus ab imminenti exitio syndrome’. Basically everyone in the NHS is waiting for the next almighty bollock to be dropped by the Health Secretary.”

“So when we learn that he’s not planning a cull of the over 65s anything else seems wonderful. Sorry, you say he’s what?”

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