Call for ‘next Winston Churchill’ to be played by a woman

Couldn’t Glenn Close have played the part just as well? Or Bette Midler.

The UK premiere of The Darkest Hour, the latest biopic of Winston Churchill, brings with it fresh calls for a woman to play the part of the legendary British wartime leader.

“Gary Oldman is certainly a great actor” says Evening Harold film critic, Mariella Buss-Stop “but you can’t escape the fact that he’s still another middle-aged white man. And how they let him onto Air Force One after he shot JFK is a mystery to me.”

“Where’s the cultural diversity? Where’s the acknowledgement of women’s contribution to the war effort? Couldn’t they at least blacked him up? How many questions are you allowed in one paragraph? ”

Of the hundreds of times Churchill has been portrayed on screen, the number of time he has been played by a female actor can be counted on the fingers of one hand says Buss-Stop.

“Even on the fingers of Frederick Sykes’ prosthetic arm. Is this what our parents and grandparents laid down their lives for? Not my grandparents obviously, they were both in the Waffen-SS but it’s the principle of the thing.”

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