Daft ‘head of NHS England’ moaning about cash again

Would you trust this man? Our money is on Jeremy Hunt

Some daft idiot, who says he’s ‘head of NHS England’ or something like that, has only gone and banged on again about a so-called funding crisis.

Not content with threatening longer waiting lists if Her Majesty’s Chancellor didn’t provide enough cash in the Budget, this clown Simon Stevens then has the brass neck to repeat the same things to the board of NHS England. Using words like “difficult decisions” and “tough choices”, as if he were a bloody politician, or a Daily Mail journalist, for God’s sake. Prick.

Happily, sanity later prevailed. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt put Stevens in his place. He reminding us that the government was absolutely committed to NHS constitutional standards. Which we already knew of course, but it was good to hear it again.

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