Iain Duncan Liar backs Boris Liar

The bald one remembering drowning kittens in a sack

Former Tory leader and leading sociopath, Iain Duncan Liar has supported Boris Liar, who reprised their best known lie over the weekend.

“The lie was really successful in 2016”, said the bald one “so it would have been criminal to retire it. As Michael Liar put it last year, we’ve had enough of experts and the same can be said about those who insist on sticking to the facts”.

Most Brexiters now say they never believed the EU cost the UK £350m a week anyway, for fear of looking like steaming dullards and as a result are conflicted by the hairy one giving the lie another run out.

“It’s almost as if Boris is treating us like steaming dullards,” said a steaming dullard from Dunstable “but surely that can’t be right, can it?”

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