Porsche 4X4 driver says yes, he is entitled to use up to 75% of the road

I’m very,very rich so in town I park on the pavement

A man living on a 12 feet wide lane says it’s fine to drive a Porsche Cayenne, which barely fits between the hedges, because he’s very, very rich.

“You see, if I weren’t very, very rich I couldn’t afford to own any Porsche, much less my top of the range Cayenne 4X4 Turbo. And as I live in the country, I generally need to use most of the road.”

He confirmed that due to the narrowness of the lanes near where he lives, it’s always the middle 75% of the road which he has to use, so as to avoid the hedges scratching his Porsche’s paintwork. “In any event, I sometimes pull a horsebox, which fills the road completely, so it’s all a bit academic.”

The man also says that if he meets another vehicle head on he never backs up, as that’s the other driver’s responsibility. “It’s not easy to see out of the back of my Cayenne but with the horsebox it’s next to impossible, especially as I’ve never learned how to reverse with a trailer. I’m not always pulling the horsebox but I might be, do you see? That’s the thing.”

“If I weren’t very, very rich, I couldn’t afford to own any house near here, much less my sympathetically converted barn complex. It’s all to do with me being very, very rich.”

“I assume you’re not, or you wouldn’t be here, interviewing me.”

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