Family day out to Cerne Abbas Giant “ruined” by naked man

OK, let’s get this over with: Looks a bit of a prick. Happy now?

A family’s half term trip to Dorset has ended in tears thanks to the streaking antics of an as yet unidentified thrill seeker.

Richard and Beatrice Cooper, with their young children Dorcas (6) and Wilbur (3) had hoped to take advantage of the school holiday and get some culture in the South West. Staying in Dorchester, they had ‘edutainment’ visits to the Dinosaur Museum, Tank Museum and Max Gate planned.

Also on the itinerary was a trip to the Cerne Abbas Giant. “We’ve always been very open with the children” said Beatrice “and Dorcas is very mature for her age, so we weren’t worried about her seeing the Giant, or his enormous todger. And of course Wilbur has a willy of his own, he knows it’s nothing to giggle about.”

But their hope for historical edification was left in tatters when a naked man streaked across the chalked turf. Richard was horrified. “I had just passed Dorcas the binoculars so that she could take in the full majesty of the iconic erection when it happened. She was in tears. A controversial chalk boner is historical gold, but a random flaccid member bobbing over the fields? It’s too much.”

Local neopagans are disgusted by the streaker, and have sworn to perform “ceremonies” to cleanse the site of unwanted nudity.

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