Ken Livingstone still banging on about Hitler

[Hold it in, you can do it … no use … too strong … aagh] “HITLER”

Ken Livingstone used the last hours before learning if banging on about Hitler and the Jews would lead to his expulsion from Labour, to bang on about Hitler.

Offered the chance to talk about Brexit, Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal, and the Cadburygate scandal, the loveable newt-botherer elected to keep on digging his way downwards, out of the hole in which he’d found himself.

“Ken, Ken!” called a Sun photographer, throwing him an SS officer’s hat and armbands, “Slip these on mate, it’ll make a great picture and we can send any profits to charity.”

“Hmm, nope, can’t see any problem with that” replied the former Mayor of London “But you’ll definitely make it clear that it’s a charity stunt?

“Oh sure. You can trust me Ken, why would I lie to you? Would you mind popping on this fake moustache and waving?”

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